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Global Quizes Management Solution

This is a standalone quizes management solutions although it may be integrated with other solutions. 

Global Quizes Main Features

• Ability to create unlimited and manage quizzes.

• Ability to create single / multiple choice type questions.

• You can also create Personality Type Quizzes and Surveys along with Trivia Type Quizzes.

• You can assign users acce

ss level of each quiz.

• Categorized Personality Quiz Type into “Single Personality Quiz” and “Multiple Personality Quiz”.

• Can set Minimum Percentage as well as Multiple Weight to include in Result for Multiple Personality Quiz case.

• You can create categories of score can assign different score in each category for each option of a Question to create a Simulation Quiz.

• You can set up Show Correct Answer whether to show after every question or at the end of Quiz or Nowhere.

• Quickly Move / copy quizzes from one category to another category.

• Can add Meta Tags and Meta descriptions for a particular quiz.

• Can set up number of attempts to a quiz for a particular user.

• Can also set up Time Delay between another attempt to a quiz for a particular user.

• Ability to allot time to each quiz separately.

• Ability to set passing score to each quiz separately.

• You can set up Skip Button and Back Button for a quiz.

• Ability to set a Flag Button for a quiz.

• Ability to choose to display questions as well as answers randomly/sequentially in a particular quiz.

• Ability to choose to display either 1 question per page or multiple questions per page.

• You can select an image to represent the Quiz.

• Ability to redirect the users to the different pages based on user's test score after quiz exam.

• Ability to set the access of a particular Quiz on a particular IP Address.

• Allow you to set the Quiz Result/Certificate template for each individual Quiz.

• Set up Start Publish Date and End Publish Date for a quiz.

• Ability to take user's basic information (like name, email, phone etc.) before playing Quiz for Guest Users type.

Much more features you will find in the solution's center pages


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