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Global PinCarts Solutions

Global PIN Cart is a special type of ecommerce solutions that handle generations and controlling of pin codes associated with specific types of sales like coupons and gift cards activation codes.

It adds some new features about unique data assignation when a product is bought. Global PIN Cart attaches a pin codes packs to products and when a customer buy one, one or more pin codes from the "pack" is attached to his order.

Component’s Functions Included :

  • PIN packs
  • PIN list
  • PIN edition 
  • PIN assignation with Global E-Stores products
  • Global E-Stores order with PIN assigned
  • Coupon generation plugin for Global PIN Cart

Through component you can :

  • Create, modify and assign your PIN packs to your Global E-Stores products
  • Import or generate your PINs
  • Link the quantity of a product to the PIN stock quantity
  • Customize your emails
  • Receive low PINs stock notifications
  • Use plugins to have a custom generation and custom display
  • Let your customers "consume" their PIN to activate it and do special actions.

PIN Cart Business Applications

  • Prepaid calling cards selling
  • Software license codes 
  • Seat number, e-ticket
  • eBooks
  • SIM number
  • Gift certificate
  • Text, Article, poem, etc. 
  • Any business that needs activation codes
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