Global B2B Market-Place


This type of ecommerce provided in partnership between us ( The service providers ) and the eMarket-Place owners.

This version of ecommerce solutions is dedicated to handle any market type whether its based on country , city , or product types of operations digitally.

With this version market owners will be able to create a multi-vendor portal (eMarket-Place) and manage all market aspects online.

It allows marketplace owners to manage all shops who leased the web store from them and ,each of these shops has his own dashboard from the front-end of the Market Place Portal , they will be able to manage products, sales, customers, stocks and discounts... quickly and easily!

The eMarket-Place management will allow to manage the eMarket as a one ecommerce entity. Each vendor or shop owner inside the market with our help will configure his own online shop to manage sales, fees, taxes, different payment and shipment methods as a standalone ecommerce shop.

The vendor or the shop owner will see on the front-end the following :

GeMarket back end functionality :

Through the back-end of this version of ecommerce solutions we will set all the configuration options of the eMarket-Place like the following :

Other functions like the following .