Global eMalls Solutions


This type of ecommerce also provided in partnership between us ( The service providers ) and the eMall owners.

It is dedicated to handle the shopping malls operations digitally. Whether you are creating a total new digital e-Mall or adding an eMall version to your current established normal shopping mall business , you will be able to create a multi-vendor portal (eMall) and manage all your Mall aspects online.

This version of GeMarket  allows shopping malls to manage all shops who leased a property from them or just leased an online store under the same Mall.

Each of these shops has his own dashboard from the front-end of the eMall portal , they will be able to manage products, sales, customers, stocks and discounts... quickly and easily!

The eMall management will manage the eMall as a whole ecommerce entity. Each vendor or shop owner inside the mall to will configure his own online shop to manage sales, fees, taxes, different payment and shipment methods as a standalone ecommerce shop.

The vendor or the shop owner will see on the front-end the following :

A vendor could be optionally composed of several users, each user could have different rights (Access Levels) and options for-

Users access Other functions like the following: