Global E-Malls Solutions

Global eMalls Solutions

This type of ecommerce also provided in partnership between us ( The service providers ) and the eMall owners.

It is dedicated to handle the shopping malls operations digitally. Whether you are creating a total new digital e-Mall or adding an eMall version to your current established normal shopping mall business , you will be able to create a multi-vendor portal (eMall) and manage all your Mall aspects online.

This version of GeMarket  allows shopping malls to manage all shops who leased a property from them or just leased an online store under the same Mall.

Each of these shops has his own dashboard from the front-end of the eMall portal , they will be able to manage products, sales, customers, stocks and discounts... quickly and easily!

The eMall management will manage the eMall as a whole ecommerce entity. Each vendor or shop owner inside the mall to will configure his own online shop to manage sales, fees, taxes, different payment and shipment methods as a standalone ecommerce shop.

The vendor or the shop owner will see on the front-end the following :

  • Vendor / Shop Owner control panel through a menu item at which he can display the vendor account on the eMall portal . Each vendor of your marketplace can find here the main information for his own shop on the portal like his vendor account, his customers and orders, his categories and products, his discounts but also the main statistics to assess the status of his sales.
  • On eMall Vendor Listing Menu : this exactly as a products listing, it will display a list of all the vendors or shops owners , show their picture and name with different kind of layouts .
  • Vendor or Shop Owner Page : this page dedicated to a vendor or shop owner it will list his name, a picture, a description and some custom fields about his company. The shop owner can choose to display the (vote and comment) module on this vendor page so that all the users can note the vendor’s clients review .
  • Shop Configuration Page : on this page vendor or store owner can edit his profile, fill a form to give details about him (name, email, avatar...) and about his company (brand, address, VAT number, description...). He can also add "Terms and Conditions" and manage his users.
  • GeMarket back end functionality : Through the back-end of this version of ecommerce solutions we will set all the configuration options of the eMall like the following :
  • Create vendors, associate products to them, manage access levels, try different display options, add custom fields, and take a look at our enhancements paid plugins.

A vendor could be optionally composed of several users, each user could have different rights (Access Levels) and options for-

  • Product edition.
  • Multi vendor .
  • Full ACL system .
  • Drag and drop interface .

Users access Other functions like the following:

  • Edit your products directly in the front end .
  • Share your store management with other accounts.
  • Allow other vendors to sell their products in your store.
  • Configure all rights for users and vendors on product and order editing.
  • Configure fees for your store, your vendors and products
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